Travelling Home. 
A short (5min) documentary about Joe Cannon Snr a retired farrier from the North West making his yearly journey to Appleby Fair. 
Finalist of Stitch Editing’s and Homespun’s Yarns competition 2023.
Release Autumn 2024.
Poster: Ed Strachan


This photographic social documentary (2019-ongoing) preserves the experiences of the Traveling and Gypsy communities in the North West of Britain on their annual pilgrimage to Appleby Fair in Cumbria. Fairgoers traversing well-worn rural roads and lay-bys in bow top wagons, on horseback, or using motor vehicles. For the Traveller community, Appleby Fair is a focal point for the trade of horses and serves as a vibrant celebration of their culture, heritage, and traditions dating back to 1685.